Thanks for Ur support.

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Because you are important to us.

Without the support of our great assemnly teams, WUM Brand Spaces would not be able to implement the amount of exhibition stands we are fortunate enough to do every year. Therefore, it is important to us that you can finish your jobs smoothly and get everything you need from our side.

Every project has its own requirements and challenges, but some issues are always the same. We have collected them on this page. Because our slogan does not only apply for our customers: „It’s all about U.“

Because we always want to get better.

As assemblers, you are in the front line when it comes to setting up and dismantling the exhibition stands. When planning projects, we always try to prepare everything so that you have everything you need for your work.
If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact the project manager directly or use our assembly review form. Your feedback helps us to offer you an even better working environment.

Because we are a team.

Our aim is to always give the best – for our customers as well as for our employees, subcontractors and suppliers. This also includes learning from experience and adapting processes so that the work of everyone involved in the project is as easy as possible.
We are all pulling in the same direction and are therefore also dependent on everyone adhering to the processes in order to provide the best possible service to the subsequent trades. This page is also intended to help with this.

The more U know.

Tool boxes

We want to avoid that the set-up or dismantling gets bogged down because of missing parts. That’s why we send a toolbox with frequently needed materials with every project. From screws to foil and adhesive tape to cleaning utensils, everything is included.

Please only take the material from the boxes that you really need! These toolboxes do not replace your own screw boxes, but are intended for emergencies!

The toolboxes are transported in wooden boxes with a red stripe, wooden boxes with a blue stripe contain the electrical boxes with additional material.


Optimal transport

Instead of pallets, we pack the material for our exhibition stands on stanchion frames. These are easier to load and stack. The volume of trucks can be used more effectively. The load can be secured better with this system and also saves over 50% stretch film.

Due to the simple plug-in system, the stanchion frames can be stored in a space-saving way. When dismantling, you only have to make sure to repack the wagons in the same way as they were packed for assembly so you don’t exceed the load volume.


Clear plans

In order for you to always know which plan you have in front of you, we have restructured the plans. The layout is now always the same:
0 Application; 1 Floor; 2 Architecture; 3 Ceiling; 4 Graphics; 5 Furniture/ Fabrication; 6 Other.
In addition, the red colour coding on the right-hand side of the page shows you which building section the current plan concerns. For the overall plan, all sections are red.

WUM Team

Packing graphics

In the interests of sustainability, many graphics will be reused on other exhibition stands. In order to prevent the graphics from becoming creased or otherwise damaged during return transport, they must be neatly packaged again when the stand is dismantled.
The material is placed with the printed side down and then rolled onto the plastic roll supplied. Finally, the roll is securely wrapped with bubble wrap.
The correctly applied label allows us to correctly allocate the graphics in our warehouse without having to unpack them again.

Where to find what?

At the start of construction, you will receive a construction folder from us in which all plans, important contact persons and other information are collected.
Here you can also access our General Terms and Conditions and our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

If you notice at the fair that you are missing information, please contact the responsible project manager.