Perch meets basil: Sustainability at REWE Green Building

REWE is answering the question of what the supermarket of the future will look like with its pilot store in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Germany. The first Green Farming store revolutionizes the concept of the supermarket and makes green vision of the future tangible.

Building sustainably. Conserving resources.

The natural material wood is the core element of the supermarket of the future: Around 1,100 cubic meters of the renewable raw material were used here. A total of 42 wooden columns support the REWE store as well as the glass roof farm and structure the store interior. The native coniferous wood stores more than 700 tons of CO2. In 30 years, the wood will have grown again and the CO2 balance will be balanced.

Production facility in the middle of the city.

REWE Green Farming is not just a supermarket, but also a production facility in the middle of the city. On a rooftop farm, 800,000 basil plants grow annually. As fertilizer, REWE uses the excreta from a fish farm, which is also maintained in the store building. This means that basil and fish arrive at the supermarket fresh and in a resource-saving way via the shortest transport route.

Looking to the future: The visitor center

Together with FleishmanHillard Germany GmbH, WUM Brand Spaces was allowed to plan and realize the interior design and technical media of the REWE visitor center.

From the market level, a media stele guides customers to the visitor center on the roof. From there, they can experience the basil farm live. A large monitor gives customers an insight into the fish farm. Moreover, they can learn about REWE’s new Green Farming concept via information desks, some of which are media-supported. Here, too, the dominant material larch is consistently used in the furnishing elements.

In addition, to motivate future REWE store managers, we have realized another 50 wooden pillars on a reduced scale in very high precision: Giveaways that transport the future of supermarkets.

The new generation of green markets

With Green Farming in Erbenheim, REWE is launching a new generation of green stores. Here, holism in terms of sustainability includes not only product ranges, but also construction and operations. This has resulted in a new building that is unique in Germany and Europe: Supermarket, basil farm and fish farm are combined under its glass roof – a Green Building of the latest generation. WUM Brandspaces is proud to be able to contribute to this.

For more information on REWE’s Green Farming concept, click here.

Sincerely, Michael Kratz