Award-winning exhibition stand for HDI Versicherung

You could already see the HDI stand from a distance: bright and luminous, which sparks like a diamond in the exhibition hall of the DKM in Dortmund. The visitors couldn’t help but go to the stand fo HDI Versicherung – they were literally attracted. The closer you came to the stand, the better you could see the many small LEDs that made the diamond shine. These changed their light to any desired colour – by remote control.

The motto: “2 worlds – 1 insurance”.

The HDI booth was accessible from all sides, so you could operate the touch screen tables from anywhere. The triangular and 210 sqm stand had much more to offer: The illuminated cube in the middle of the stand turned out to be a closed box, a room for lectures by experts and exciting workshops.

Together with the agency Alt & Cramer GmbH and RV realtime visions GmbH, WUM Design realised the trade fair appearance of HDI Versicherung.

Looking to the future: Binoculars at the trade fair stand

Another eye-catcher and my absolute highlight of the fair stand were definitely the binoculars! Who doesn’t know them? You can find them at any vantage point or at airports. WUM Design had positioned the binoculars at the cut-off corners of the stand in such a way that they optically extend the stand – “go beyond” it. Through the binoculars you could see the stand from a completely different point of view: The HDI stand was transformed into an airport where you could follow the take-off and landing. WUM Design hit the bull’s eye with the cutting-edge Augmented Reality theme. Fascinated by the new digital world, the visitors’ interest in the binoculars was indescribably high. And how does this work? The binoculars were equipped with HoloLens glasses. The film, in which airplanes and helicopters take off and fly over the HDI exhibition stand, ran on them.

Us as the WUM Gruppe – added value for you

Invitations were sent out to HDI customers in advance. Trade fair tools, such as this invitation management, are offered by WUM Design together with the WUM Gruppe. At the HDI Pavilion itself one experienced an entrance control, as you know it from the airport. In contrast to the digital check-in, friendly hostesses welcomed us and led the trade fair visitors inside the HDI cube.

German Brand Award: Insurance trade fair stand wins prize

“The handshake of two worlds: Take off into the future with HDI” – We have successfully implemented this project! At the DKM, HDI wanted to present itself as a company that combines the best of traditional brokerage work with the opportunities of digitalization.

Good ideas and great attention to detail are rewarded: the HDI stand won the German Brand Award in the category “Brand Creation – Brand Experience, Fairs & Exhibition”. WUM Design as your trade fair construction expert congratulates!

DKM 2018 – WUM Design as exhibition stand construction company

As every time since 1999, this year’s DKM takes place at the Dortmund Exhibition Centre. It is regarded as the leading trade fair for the finance and insurance industries. Companies from the insurance, banking, real estate and trade association sectors meet here. So is our customer, HDI Versicherung: HDI will be there again this year with an exciting stand concept. Impressive impressions can also be found on our Instagram account @wumdesign. Today is the last day of the trade fair and therefore a good opportunity for you to see for yourself and be amazed!