Individual exhibition stand construction – worldwide

Individual exhibition stand construction is a top priority for us, regardless of whether the exhibition takes place in Germany, in close bordering countries such as Austria or Switzerland, or even in Asia or America. Some of our customers are active worldwide. Therefore, trade fairs in Asia or America are also regularly on the agenda. Individual stand construction must therefore also be guaranteed overseas. A stand concept has to work in Frankfurt as well as in Dubai.

Using SAF Holland as an example, we show how WUM Design solves this challenge. SAF-Holland S.A. is an SDAX-listed supplier for the truck and trailer industry. Headquartered in Luxembourg, operating business is controlled by Bessenbach near Aschaffenburg.

Individual stand construction for SAF Holland

United Arab Emirates, Europe, USA, Russia – these are the stations at which the individual exhibition stand for SAF Holland was used.

1. Automechanika Middle East, Dubai

SAF Holland Original Spare Parts are in great demand in Dubai and were presented at Automechanika Middle East, Dubai. What’s special about them is that SAF Holland implements its trade fair appearances worldwide with a custom-made, customer-specific trade fair system.

WUM Design conceived and realized for SAF Holland together with a country-specific partner the trade fair appearance using the customer’s own material. In order not to experience any surprises on site in Dubai, the system was set up on a trial basis in our storage area. Only then was the exhibition stand and the other stand components ready for transport.

2. Automechanika, Frankfurt

The next use of the exhibition stand was then planned for Automechanika Frankfurt. The aim in developing a customer-specific stand construction system was to realize identical trade fair appearances throughout the world and thus to ensure that the customer’s corporate design was recognized throughout the world. The initial idea of the new stand construction system was to pick up on the design language of the SAF logo in order to transfer the oval as a typical design element to the 3D presentations.

WUM Design also conceived and realized the appearance of SAF Holland at the Automechanika. With this appearance we were confronted for the first time with the new static regulations of Messe Frankfurt for stand construction heights over four metres, which placed significantly higher demands on the stand construction. The experience we gained in Dubai with the new SAF Holland stand construction system benefited us at the larger appearance in Frankfurt.

3. Petrotrans, Kassel

The last installation of the new stand construction system last year was scheduled for Petrotrans in Kassel. Here, too, this type of stand construction proved its flexibility and demonstrated its suitability for small trade fair appearances.

Individueller Messebau für SAF Holland auf der Automechanika SAF-Holland-automechanica_12 SAF-Holland-automechanica_13