Your trade fair appearance as a business card on the web

Like small appetizers, many companies announce their trade fair presence on the Social Web. In addition, many photos are usually taken on site. Afterwards, these pictures appear on the Facebook fan page or on the company’s intranet. However, you will have more traffic if you present your trade fair presence on a subpage of your website. By showing and reporting that you are represented at an important trade fair, you gain trust. 

Interested parties and potential new clients click on your website in search of a product. They will then find out how appealing you are to present your product at a trade fair with a large number of visitors. In addition, online documented trade fair campaigns encourage curiosity about the product. If you then also publish your web or blog contribution close to the trade fair, this will also draw the attention of other trade fair visitors to your company.

5 tricks to better present your trade fair presence

  • Tell a story and take the page visitors with you.
  • Present yourself as a specialist who finds a solution to your problem for people.
  • Pay attention to a wow effect with which you create attention. You can do this, for example, with an introductory question that will make your visitors think: “Are you also looking for the benefits that our product offers? At the XY trade fair, the following aspects of our product in particular will arouse the curiosity of visitors”.
  • Create added value for the reader, for example by describing the assembly and disassembly of your products at the trade fair and concisely portraying your products.
  • Let the voices and positive impressions of the trade fair visitors flow into your contribution in order to confirm reader expectations of the product and to pick up the readers here as well.

From the AdWords to the blog post on buying a product

Online advertising on Google (AdWords) can also surprise with an Interrupted Pattern or an interrupted habitual pattern if you include the trade fair appearance in your advertisement, for example.

Thus you will surprise an Internet user who is looking for your product on the Internet near your next trade fair with a reference to your future trade fair presence: “Convince yourself of our product at our stand at trade fair XY”.

With Google AdWords, you can localize the target groups of your ad so that you can address the people in the region of the trade fair, in particular. You can also specify the exact period of time when your Google ad will be placed: in the run-up to the trade fair until the last day of the trade fair. Your ad then leads to your landing page, which presents a portrait of your product presentation at the trade fair and offers a direct call-to-action link to the product.

With Google, you only pay for every actual click on your ad. If the clicks do not lead directly to the purchase of your product, you can follow the visitors on your landing page through a remarketing tag and remind them of your product again through a product ad.

Search Engine Optimization makes your blogpost more popular

Check keyword options with free SEO keyword tools and make sure you have a relevant keyword density. Our team from WUM Design will be happy to advise you on the creation of a blog post about your trade fair appearance. If you share your trade fair contribution via customer newsletter, social media and intranet, even more people will learn about your trade fair impressions and conversations.

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