Instagram for the B2B area

Instagram is considered as the social network for photos, videos and images.  Since mid-2016, the smartphone app has also offered the Story function. Well, does it look familiar to you? Exactly: Stories have been the significant feature of the instant messaging app Snapchat so far.

Instagram? A short introduction:

Instagram, as Wikipedia describes it, is “a free, ad-sponsored online photo and video sharing service that belongs to Facebook.” The app is primarily about visual content. People share impressions from their lives – from everyday life and work routine or travels. Your subscribers like and comment on these posts. Since 2012, Instagram has been under the direction of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. That’s why Facebook  is one of the most popular interfaces to other social networks. Instagram is particularly aimed at the in-app experience. You can also access the site from other devices, such as your laptop, but most features are missing there.

With every update, the variety of the photo platform continues to grow. New features are added all the time and the Instagram community enjoys to try are them. Basically, you can really edit your images in detail: Cutting, filters with adjustable strength, contrast and brightness are just the beginning. Cropping images and the ability to tag people and places on them are just a small insight into the complex world of the Insta Blogger’s paradise.

How is Instagram organized?

The structure of the app is simple and easy to understand: Do you also want to be part of the Instagram community? Then the first step is to create your own profile. Here you will find all your contributions, whether they are photos, videos or even pictures of friends on which they have tagged you. You will also find your number of followers and how many Instagram accounts you are following. Your notifications show you the interactions of the profiles you follow. The home page displays a feed that lists the recently shared posts of your subscribers. Just one “swipe” to the right will take you to the Insta-Story feature.

What are Insta-Stories?

And this is where the big discussion begins: Did Instagram copy the Instant Messaging app Snapchat? Definitely yes. Since August 2016, Instagram has also been offering its users the “story function”: uploading images and videos into a story whose content is visible for only 24 hours. This strongly reminds us of the yellow app with the little ghost. Before uploading to the story, you can also change the images as you like, edit them with filters or add the location where it took place. To give information about the time and the weather one can use one oft the many gifs. The function of the highlights is the icing on the cake of the Insta stories: As a user, you can save the actually time-limited contributions to your profile. The highlights can then be found on your profile and can still be seen – even after 24 hours.

Insta-Stories for your fair trade

I would like to show you how to use the story function of Instagram during a trade fair using the example of WUM Design: @wumgruppeInstagram auf Messen

During DMEXCO 2018 , our Instagram profile benefited from the vitality that a trade show brings. Impressions from the hectic hustle and bustle in the exhibition halls of the Kölnmesse as well as pictures from the finished exhibition stands found their place in our Insta-Story. Even now, these visual memories can still be found in the Highlights on our Profil.

Instagram as marketing tool in the B2B area

It is a fact that the importance of social media continues to grow across industries. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, social media marketing ranks first among the corporate marketing strategies used in North America with 83 percent. Many German booth builders are now also represented on social networks such as Instagram. But registration alone is not enough. The key to the success of your company’s Instagram presence is the regular maintenance and filling of your company account. The Instagram profile should always be kept up-to-date. Of course, there should also be a certain aesthetics. For trade fair construction companies, the photos of finished trade fair stands are an excellent choice. Apart from that, special impressions of trade fair visits are also suitable – insights into the everyday life of the company will of course also awake the interest of your followers and at the same time make the company more authentic to future clients.

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