WUM Design goes America

Since the middle of 2014 WUM Design is represented with its own office in the USA. Jana Guerster is the head of the WUM International branch in Cooper City, Florida, who also looks after our American customers when they exhibit in Germany.

It is an enormous advantage for us and our German customers to have proven competence on site in such an important trade fair country as the USA. It is precisely because of the complexity of American regulations why there is such a devil in the details. The very strict import regulations often prevent rapid customs clearance, which is particularly annoying at trade fairs. These things can be regulated much more easily from the USA.

Another problem is the strong American trade unions, which prohibit any manual work by foreign exhibitors at trade fairs and make every job expensive. If you are represented locally by your own staff, you have considerably better access to the American trade unions and many questions can be solved with less bureaucracy.

Thanks to her many years of experience and her excellent know-how, Jana Guerster is an ideal person to support us on the entire North American continent. In 2014, we implemented projects for Linde and UniCredit, among others, with her in the USA and Canada. For WUM Design, this new location in Florida is a great advantage from which our customers benefit directly.

Picture: © Monika Huňáčková – fotolia.com